Frequently asked questions

At TukTuk, we refer you to our partner merchants and in return, we earn a commission. We then convert this commission into crypto and deliver it to you.

Simple: sign up on or download our free Chrome extension. Then, find a store that sells your favourite products. Click the Shop button on the website or the Activate button when using our Chrome extension. Then, shop as normal. We deliver your earned free crypto into your digital wallet once you’ve accumulated $10 worth of rewards.

We currently support the top 30 coins by market cap — we’ll add more soon! We offer bitcoin, XRP, ethereum, and many other coins not available in other free-crypto apps. And since you’re not limited to one crypto type, you have the chance to earn exponential returns by picking a coin seeing huge gains in value.

The process takes between 7 to 90 days, sometimes longer. It depends on the merchant’s delivery speed, money-back guarantees, return policies, and how long it takes for them to qualify for the sale.

At TukTuk, your data is completely secure. We don’t collect or sell your personal information to other entities. We earn by taking a small percentage of the commission we get from our users’ purchases. Meanwhile, merchants notify us on every purchase you make while using or our free Chrome extension. Note that when you use the merchant’s site without using TukTuk, you’ll miss out on your free crypto reward.

No, we do not sell crypto. We do recommend exchanges where you can purchase or trade crypto. Go to the exchanges page for more information.

It depends on how quickly the merchant processes and ships your order, what their return or money back guarantee is and how long the wait period is before the merchant qualifies the sale. Typically this can take around 7 to 30 days, but sometimes longer.

The merchant will notify us when you have made a purchase, however it’s important that you visit (or use the app/chrome extension) and activate the free Crypto prior to checkout. This is done simply by clicking on the store link we provide. If you go directly to the merchant's site without activating the Crypto Rewards ýou may miss out on your free Crypto.

No way! In-fact in many cases they will even offer a further discount through coupons or special offers which you can find on / mobile app or Chrome extension.

No catch! Merchants want your business and they are willing to pay for it. Simple as that! Commissions and affiliate referrals are standard practice in eCommerce and TukTuk uses the commission we receive to give to you. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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